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NCAA Transfer Eligibility

5 Year Clock (Applies to Division I schools only):
To help with your transcript and to track progress visit: www.CoreCourseGPA.com


UPDATE: On May 2, 2013 the NCAA DI Board of Directors voted to suspend the use of the new SAT/ACT sliding scale for the class of 2016 and beyond. The class of 2016 is still required to meet the higher minimum GPA (2.30) and complete 10 core courses prior to senior year, but will now use the current SAT/ACT sliding scale standard instead of the previously published higher scale. The sliding scale change would become official on July 1, pending a 60-day override period. Read the full NCAA news release.

 The number of years a student is eligible to play NCAA athletics. A student can compete 4 years out of 5 total years. The 5 year clock begins the semester a student enrolls full-time (12 units).

10 Semester Rule Applies to Division II Division III and NAIA schools only:

It is more flexible. Student has 10 full-time semesters to play. If you’re enrolled part-time, it does not count towards the 10-Semester Rule.

Grey Shirt:

You are enrolled Part-Time (less than 12 units) your first semester in college in order to postpone the start of the NCAA Division. 5 year clock.

If you are a non-qualifier, and college placement test are requiring you to enroll in remedial classes, prior to earning the transfer credits needed at the community college level, meaning additional time may be needed before transferring, (for example: if you placed low in Math and English) then you should consider the possibility of “Gray Shirting” for a year. When you gray shirt you are enrolled in fewer than 12 credits, this will keep you from starting your Division I “5-year clock” from starting. Please discuss this with our Athletic Counselor and coach prior to you enrolling.   Grey Shirting can only be done your very first semester at Texas Prep Sports Academy you can’t Grey Shirt if your 5 year clock has already started before enrolling at Texas Prep Sports Academy.


    • A High School graduate who had the required academic qualifications to attend a 4 year university based on SAT score and GPA from High School
    • Registered with the Clearing House
    • If you are a Qualifier you
    • Must have a min. 2.3 GPA
    • Can transfer after one Full-Time (12 transferable units) semester in Community College
    • If you are a Qualifier” for Div. I school you will NOT NEED   AA degree.
    • 40-60-80 Rule doesn’t affect “Qualifiers” since allowed to transfer out of Community College after One semester
    • If you want to find out if you are a Qualifier you need to register with the Clearing House from High School, you can still do it now by going to: www.ncaa.org
      • Register on-line
      • Send your High School transcripts and SAT scores to the address on-line
      • Pay a $50 fee
      • Clearing House phone: 1-877-262-1492


    • MUST Complete at least three semesters as a full-time student at the community college which you are enrolled. Note: Summer school DOES NOT count.

You must earn 25 percent of the credit hours at the two-year school that awards your degree.

    • 48-semester or 72-quarter hours must be transferable toward your degree at the four-year school which you are planning to transfer too.
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.3
    • Must meet the 40-60-80% Rule:
    • 40-60-80% Rule: The 40-60-80% Rule pertains to two year college transfer students who want to transfer to Division I schools only. When a student athlete enters college as a full time student there are academic requirements that must be fulfilled upon transfer to a Division I university in order to be eligible to compete immediately at that school.
    • After competing two years at the community college level, you may enter a Division I university starting the third year of the five-year clock. You must have completed 40% of your degree requirements. Once you start your fourth year of your five year clock you will need to have completed 60% of the degree requirements. Before you can start the fifth year, you will need to have completed 80% of the degree requirements.


• Start of 3rd year = 40% of degree completed

 • Start of 4th year = 60% of degree completed

 • Start of 5th year = 80% of degree completed


4-2-4 College Transfer Rules:

If you previously attended a four-year college, are currently enrolled full-time at a two-year college and now wish to transfer to an NCAA Division I, II or III college you must meet the following requirements to compete immediately:

    • 24 units in-between Seasons, 18 of 24 need be academic
    • 2.0 GPA. 12 units Do not need to be in residence
    • If coming from a university to Texas Prep Sports Academy and then intend to return to the same university, you do not need to fulfill AA degree requirements.
    • If you want to transfer to a different university (Div I only) then you do need a AA degree
    • For Div. II only, no longer need AA requirements
    • One calendar year must elapse since your transfer from 4 year to 4 year (unless granted permission and have proper notification there is no Div I to Div I unless documented )
    • Students who started at the university and attended full-time have started their clock for Div. I even if attend a Community College.  (Still student athletes have 5 years to play 4 unless medical redshirt has been cleared by NCAA and you must have proper documentation)
    • Even if student didn’t compete at the university prior to coming to Texas Prep Sports Academy the student is still considered a 4-2-4 for Div. I only, this means your clock started when you enrolled full time.

  Red Shirt:  

A year of non-participation, enrolled Full-Time, you are not able to compete as an athlete. The 5-year clock for Division I (only) is ticking and using up a year of eligibility.  Note this is at the 4-year level.