About Texas Prep Sports Academy

MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission of TPSA is to provide leadership, mentoring, education, and a platform within athletics to help heighten the exposure and create limitless possibilities by building student athletes leaders through Academics and Athletics. Student athletes will walk away with the ability to know “What a Difference a Year Makes!”

VISION: Texas Prep Sports Academy believes that every athlete deserves the opportunity to develop their abilities as far as desire, talent and hard work can take them. Using some of professional football’s most sophisticated tools, student athletes get the training and preparation needed to excel in this post graduate program, college athletics and perhaps professional football careers.

OUR ACADEMY: Texas Prep Sports Academy (TPSA) was created to give student athletes an opportunity to showcase their talents academically and athletically while participating on a collegiate level by offering a full range of services. TPSA will help student athletes gain valuable exposure while educating parents, coaches and peers about the benefits of a Prep Program. TPSA wants to raise the bar and be the example to prove the benefits of attending the program are invaluable. The honorary members of TPSA, must understand the opportunity and responsibility at hand. TPSA allows a potential collegiate student athlete to take some college courses and earn credits without starting their NCAA athletic eligibility clock. TPSA will compete against some of the nations best Junior Colleges and JV programs in the country. As a direct result the participant must understand this is not another year of High School. TPSA will serve as a valuable platform for exposure for the student athlete, in which may not have been able to be attained on their own. TPSA commitment to the student athlete with the reciprocation from the student will give time for the student athletes time to mature and develop.